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The Elegant Look of Wood Garage Doors

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Wood Garage Doors Picture Ideas

The Elegant Look of Wood Garage Doors – If you want your home to have that classic, elegant and timeless beauty, then it is time to install wood garage doors. This is the reason why more and more homeowners choose the wood material for their doors instead of steel, vinyl, copper or aluminum.

The wood garage door comes in many styles and designs that you would not find it hard to pick one that would complement the contemporary look of your home. One wood material to consider is timber which is less expensive and easy to repair compared with steel. This is because the timber will not dent and you can repair the timber door in small sections.

Wood Garage Doors Picture Ideas

Wood garage doors can be a wonderful addition and accent to your home. However, there are some points to consider before going ahead with a wooden door. Following are some frequently asked questions about doors made of wood and whether they are right for you or not.

Are wood garage doors good for a very cold climate?

Wood is naturally a pretty good insulator. However, if you live in a climate where winters are harsh and very cold, wood may not be the best material for your door. The wood panels are typically not that thick and therefore do not provide much in the way of insulating value to your home. You would likely be better off with an insulated metal door or a fiberglass door which usually has insulation sandwiched in between the panels.

Can a wood garage door withstand high wind conditions?

Wood can be very strong, especially oak, but if you live in a location that occasionally experiences high wind conditions like tornadoes or hurricanes, the use of wood might not be a good choice for your doors. This is especially true if you have a double garage and the door panel spans are double wide. These doors were simply not made to withstand high winds. For that type of environment, you would be better off with reinforced steel doors.

Wood Garage Doors Picture Ideas

What kind of wood are wooden garage doors normally made of?

Wooden doors can be manufactured in a variety of woods. Oak is known for its strength and durability but is quite expensive. The most commonly used woods are Cedar, Redwood and Hemlock. These woods are naturally resistant to mildew and rot and are still quite strong and easy to work with.

Do I have to worry about my garage door going rotten?

Rot can be a major problem with doors made of wood. This is especially true in areas of high humidity or with major rains. You can certainly still use wood for your doors in areas like this, but you will need to make sure that you keep up with the maintenance of these doors. You must make sure that the doors are properly painted or stained to prevent moisture from entering the wood. Further, you will need to make sure that any areas that rub so that the paint or stain is removed, are fixed so that the door is sealed properly. You will also want to make sure that the bottom of the door is not sitting in water because of an uneven driveway. Yes, wooden doors can rot, but with proper maintenance, this should not be a problem.

Are wood garage doors expensive?

Wooden doors are definitely more expensive that their metal or fiberglass counterparts. A well made, quality wooden door may cost as much as 10 times that of its metal counterpart. This, of course, is an important factor in deciding whether a wood door is right for you.

Can I install a wooden garage door myself?

Because of the extreme weight of these doors and the necessity that they be properly balanced, installing wooden doors is likely not a do-it-yourself project. A professional door installer will be equipped to handle the heavy weights and will make sure that the springs are adjusted properly to allow the door to glide well on the rails. An improperly installed wooden door can be dangerous and may not last as long as it should

Wood garage doors look great! They can be a real selling feature when it comes time to sell your house. Now that you know the answers to some of the more commonly asked questions about wooden doors, hopefully you can make the right decision when it comes to choosing a door for your home.

Wood Garage Doors Picture Ideas

Here are some wood garage doors from online retailers for your consideration:

Model T Doors from Garage Doors Inc.:

Each door has been expertly crafted by trained craftsmen that provide you with a design that will fit perfectly with your modern home. This sectional door style is typically consists of three or four sections. It is designed to simulate the sideway sliding or outward swinging typical of many garage doors on historical homes. The framework is constructed from 1 and 3/8 inches hemlock fir. The top and bottom rails measure 4 and 5/8 inches in width for extra rigidity and 7 and ¾ wide for end stiles to accommodate the expansion of end hinges. Back-paneled doors used luan mahogany for paneling to create a finished look to the inside of the garage and to add great sheer strength. A stain grade door is constructed with cedar skin and trim. True window panes are used on all doors that have glass design.

Plantation Series Garage Doors:

This carriage style door is available in many sizes and dimensions. Plus, you can have this door customized to meet your design requirements. The door’s proprietary and unique construction makes it a perfect replacement choice for use in all weather conditions. Your design options include recessed or raised panels, stain or paint grades and custom glazing. The three-layer construction consists of an insulation, face panel and back panel.

Clingerman Custom Wood Garage Doors:

You can choose a wood door construction in swing or overhead style. All Clingerman doors are insulated come in either paint or stain grade. Choices of materials are Spanish cedar T&G, sapele mahogany flat panel inlay, pine T&G inlay, MDF plywood inlay, mahogany T&G inlay, MDF plywood inlay with 6-inch v groove and sapele mahogany flat panel inlay.

Clopay Canyon Ridge Collection:

This faux, rustic wood door replicate gives out the beauty, elegance and texture of real wood but with less maintenance. The five-layered door construction consists of steel, insulation, steel, cladding and overlay. The door features an overhead operation and a swing-out appearance. The overlay materials and polymer composite cladding with 1/2 -inch thickness are molded from true wood to replicate the natural texture and distinctive grain patterns. Available cladding materials are clear cypress, pecky cypress and mahogany.

7402 Churchill Carriage House Door from Wayne Dalton:

The glass window options for this door are clear, bronze tint, gray tint and antique art. Also available is the shatter-resistant plexiglass. The door is complemented by decorative hardware with choices of coach house pattern or the classic Fleur-de-Lis style. This door is paint grade finish so you could paint it to match the exterior look of your home.

Wood Garage Door from Zhejiang Ideality Automatic Door Co. Ltd.:

The door panel is made of pine wood and the surface is waterproof painted to resist corrosion and protect it from the effects of weather. It comes with zinc alloy steel brackets for stable operation.

Stevanus Kevin Hello :) I wanted to share with you all some of my favorite spaces in our home. Always a work in progress and I love how its coming along.

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