Stevanus Kevin Hello :) I wanted to share with you all some of my favorite spaces in our home. Always a work in progress and I love how its coming along.

50 Small Apartment Living Room Design Ideas to Make the Most of Your Space

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Vancouver Contemporary Apartment With An Open Plan Living Small Apartment Living Room Ideas

Small Apartment Living Room Design Ideas – Living in a studio apartment may limit you physically, but it doesn’t have to cramp your imagination. What you can or cannot do with your living room design is entirely in your hands. In fact, if you want to turn your living room into showcase a classy touch, that is entirely possible.

Space there is plenty of it around in the universe and science will tell you that almost 99 percent of it is empty. Yet, we are constantly in search for ways in which we can maximize space within the four walls of our own home! It is a perplexing aspect of life and every week we come across various designs and ideas that aim to give your limited home a more spacious and cheerful vibe even while being aesthetic. But today we take this a step further by looking at the 45 best small apartment living rooms from across the world and understanding what we can borrow from these innovative and exciting spaces.

Vancouver Contemporary Apartment With An Open Plan Living Small Apartment Living Room Ideas

You can earn small apartment living room appear new without having to spend a great deal of money. You would like your living room to be beautiful, and yet low maintenance, as it’s a space that you have to utilize for several purposes.

Staying on budget can on occasion be difficult especially when parents are working to present their children the greatest possible alternatives available. The grade of the furniture is one great component to consider in every purchase made.



These are not mere ideas or concepts that still need to be translated into the real world. These are living rooms crafted by some of the best architects and designers on the planet which have managed to turn even the tiniest amount of space into a welcoming living room that their owners are comfortable with. Some force you to think vertical while others work their magic with a visual illusion of space and light. No matter which approach you prefer, this is a journey that you would not want to miss!

Making Use of Vertical Space

Since the focus today is on apartments with very little square footage, the idea of the living rooms in these homes is to make the most of what is on offer without giving the impression of a cluttered or overly ornate living room. Small is of course a relative term and an apartment just 25 or 40 square meters in area might seem far too tiny for some and quite adequate for others. But the living rooms under the spotlight today belong largely to apartments no larger than 50 or 60 square meters in area and the first option in here is to maximize the wall space available.

Loft bedrooms, reading nooks and even small mezzanine levels with additional areas are often the preferred choice. This allows you to create additional square footage that was previously non-existent and for those who are just getting their first apartment (alone or as a couple), this is more than sufficient. Steps leading to this area can also be used for storage and if you do not have enough room for a loft level, there are still ways to maximize the wall space with smart shelving and wall-mounted storage units.

Scandinavian Style and Inspiration

If there is one style that is absolutely ideal for the tiny living room then it is Scandinavian! Modern Scandinavian decorating styles is perfect for small spaces and is anchored in principles of clutter-free living, loads of natural light and a backdrop consisting of neutral colors. Those who fancy a more eclectic look can combine Scandinavian simplicity with shabby chic beauty or even rustic charm by introducing a few accessories from the chosen style. Make sure though that bright color is still kept down to a minimum in here.

Walls with Textural Charm

Many of us tend to falsely believe that introducing elements that add textural contrast to a small living area will give it a cluttered look. Brick walls have bounced back up the trends chart in the last few years and they are a great way to bring in that ‘something different’ into the tiny living room without altering the visually drastically. Wood and white is another look that looks great in the small living space and allows it to blend in with the kitchen and dining area next to it with ease. Make sure that you introduce elements that give character to you home and do not stick to a decorating theme that is just too sterile.

White, Light and Plenty Bright!
We did talk about how Scandinavian style was a great choice for those looking to give the tiny living room a revamp and the two main reasons for this are undoubtedly color and light choices it forces upon you. The easiest way to create a visually more spacious living room is by bringing in natural light. Yes, you can add recessed lighting and accent lights as well. But absolutely nothing works as well as natural light in here Even if you have just one tiny window in the living room, make sure it floods the room with ample light. A light backdrop in white or light gray along with a few smartly places floor mirrors will make this task a lot easier for you.

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Stevanus Kevin Hello :) I wanted to share with you all some of my favorite spaces in our home. Always a work in progress and I love how its coming along.

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