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5 Popular Modern Sectional Sofa Colors 2017

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Beautiful Radiant Orchid Sofa for Living Room

5 Popular Sectional Sofa Shades This Season – It is high time we discarded the plain beige or beige on beige self prints and moved to something new and colorful. Beige and blacks have remained a favorite among buyers since years. With pantone, radiant orchid being declared as the color of the year, 2017 brings anticipations of change in the regular trend.

We expect blues, reds, hint of espresso and shades of purple to be the rage this fall. While blacks, white and the ever green pink beige is expected to swarm at the background, people will ultimately decide a different take on their home furniture. Here are some of the modern sectional sofa colors that are anticipated to adorn numerous homes with their grandiose and glamour.

Turquoise Sofa

Bright and vivacious turquoise can give that sunny feeling you were yearning for years. The color depicting a fluorescent blue is capable of adding the illusion of space to your room. You can accent it with striped throw pillows or white ones with turquoise floral patterns. This color looks best when the upholstery is made of soft fabric or even velvet, but not with leather. However, with this shade of blue, you need to be careful about the maintenance factor.

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Navy Blue Sofa

Less maintenance, more vigor and regal in look, navy blue velvet sofas strikes the balance between perfection and unconventionality. Tufted blue modern sectional sofas are more popular as the tufts highlight the design sense of the color. Navy blue looks classic and sophisticated on velvet wrappings especially when accompanied by furred throw pillows. Deep blue dyed fabric is also equally popular but faux leather does not present the royal look in this color as desired.

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Radiant Orchid Sofa

A pantone sectional sofa is the most gorgeous thing that could happen to your living room. It is the fresh addition to 2014s furniture stores. Most people have a notion that the purple shade does not suit clean and sharp contemporary sectionals. On the contrary, pantone clean rectangular L shaped sofas are the best for living rooms and illuminate the surroundings with their vibrancy. The radiant orchid sectional collection looks magnificent against pristine white or yellow walls and matching white accessories.

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Blood Red Sofa

While many people find this color quite outrageous, red velvet and even leather are a fashion among most households. Red gives the hint of royalty and class and the sense of fulfillment to a room. In fact, the overwhelming color can make a sectional sofa the sole piece of attention with its flamboyant look. Red is sometimes also used in high end office lounges to add a flavor relaxation and omitting the usual browns and blacks.

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White Sofa

As every year white remains the blissful color of the year. Though high on maintenance, white has managed to reach the list of top ten modern sectional sofa color list. Add some colorpul throw pillows like red, blue, green and yellow and get going. If your sectional is a little cozy bright white affair go for an unconventional red or blue top coffee table to go with it. It will develop into an out of the box design altogether.

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So, this year play with paints and various sectional sofa styles in order to give the best to your home.

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Stevanus Kevin Hello :) I wanted to share with you all some of my favorite spaces in our home. Always a work in progress and I love how its coming along.

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