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40 Pastel Colors Bedroom Ideas, Bedroom Designs with Pastel Color Scheme

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Pendant lights and accents in black for the pastel pink bedroom

Pastel Colors Bedroom Ideas – It is easy to fall in love with charm and cozy presence of summer, especially if you live in a region of the world with cold winters and a moderate summer. It is a time when you want to step outside the confines of the four walls, go beyond the colors of spring and spend a few lazy evenings on the pool deck or lazing on the beach as you soak in the sun. But, even after a long day outside, inevitably you want to come home to the comfort of your relaxing bedroom. And bringing in a bit summer charm into the bedroom is the perfect way to usher in freshness and cheerful allure.

Few colors fit in with the vibrant summer theme as pastel hues. Pastels create that perfect balance between color and a soothing relaxing vibe and do so without ever seeming out of place. You will never miss the tranquil serenity of neutral hues and yet pastels still fill the room with brightness and sunny zest. Sure, pastels can feel a touch feminine at times, but there are ways in which they work well in contemporary, traditional and even minimal bedrooms. It is all about visual balance and elegance; something that the bedrooms below have aplenty.

Naturally you know that with a help of the colors and their shade you can attain everything that you wanted to attain in the bedroom. For instance, if you want to create a soft and tender appearance of the bedroom, then you ought to use pastel shade and the job is done, easy as that. Pastel colored bedroom tend to look utterly soft and charming, due to the light and subtle nature of the pastel color. Pastel Color Scheme will also adapt in every possible setting of the interior, since of its flexibility to adapt well. However, pastel colored bedroom best fit with the elegant and sophisticated theme of the interior, due to their similar nature.

We’ve have created a fairly inspiring list of 15 Soft Bedroom Designs with Pastel Color Scheme which can surely provide you with some ideas. Enjoy!

Amazing Pastel Bedroom Ideas

You can clearly notice the sensuality and subtle boldness of this gorgeous pastel blue bedroom. The pastel colors are greatly incorporated with a chic Japanese theme creating a totally feminine and stylish overall appearance in this stunningly pastel blue bedroom. Just Astonishing!

Stunning Pastel Bedroom Ideas

Beautiful Pastel Blue Bedroom Ideas

The wooden panel used as a statement wall above the bed, painted in pastel sky blue plays the major role in providing this amazing bedroom with the soft and breezy appearance. The gray and creamy motifs complement the pastel blue in a great way and enhance the visual overall appearance of this amazing bedroom.

Pastel Pink Bedroom Design Ideas

Blue as a color is incredibly popular in both adult and kids’ bedrooms and it works with a wide range of themes and decorating styles. Offering the same adaptability even while crafting a neutral backdrop that allows accent additions to shine through, pastel blues offer the best of both worlds. They feel elegant, relaxing and stylish. Yet, you can combine a pastel blue backdrop with any bright secondary color in the room and over time, changing this secondary color can alter the ambiance of the room with ease. With pastel blues, you can simply never go wrong!

Introduce pastels into the bedroom using bedding and throw pillows

Charming Pastel Purple Bedroom Ideas

This astonishing pastel purple bedroom is utterly sensual and bold. You can notice the specific diminish and blurry ambiance that is dominant in the place, due to the specific pastel shade that creates the sensual and super chic vibe in the bedroom.

Pastel Pink Bedroom Design Ideas Pastel green gives the bedroom a modern summery vibe

Pastel Creamy Bedroom Color Scheme Ideas

Pendant lights and accents in black for the pastel pink bedroom

Modern shabby chic styles bedroom in white with a touch of pastel pink

Cool Pastel Bedroom

We love the effortlessly chic setting of this bedroom incorporated with the super charming pastel purple color scheme that totally stands out in the bedroom and creates soft ambiance and contemporary appearance. The softness of the pastel color brings amazing cool ambiance in this chic interior.

Cool Pink Room Ideas For Teen Girls Design Ideas

Elegant Pastel Bedroom Ideas

The elegant and splendid theme of this classy interior goes amazingly with the pastel orange shade that completely open ups this bedroom and provides with fresh and vibrant ambiance. The pastel orange has a soothing role in this bedroom by easing down the heaviness that comes from splendid furniture pieces and accessories.

Elegant Pastel Yellow Bedroom Color Ideas

Elegant Pastel Bedroom Design Ideas

Elegant Pastel Yellow Bedroom Ideas

This bedroom on the first glance most likely resembles to a sweet candy, right? The paste colors are superbly incorporated in order to create the soft and tender appearance of this lively pastel colored bedroom. We love the combination of pastel yellow and pastel pink, is the color formula for creating an adorable interior.

Light yellow gives the bedroom a soothing backdrop

Kids’ bedroom in light yellow with a touch of pastel blue as well

It is hard to find a color more cheerful and sunny than yellow! This makes it the perfect hue to give the bedroom summer freshness and joy without ever seeming out of place. With pastel yellow colors, we suggest opting for darker rather than lighter shades as they feel far more effective and elegant. With a lighter pastel yellow hue, the room can feel dull and uninspired once natural light fades away. On the other hand, dark pastel yellows appear lively and smart even under artificial lighting.

Yellow and Grey Bedroom Decorating Ideas with Yellow Bedside Lamps Bring Symmetry to the Room

Elegant Pastel Yellow Bedroom Color Ideas

Mint Pastel Bedroom Ideas

This contemporary bedroom looks extremely fresh and vibrant due to the pastel mint wall color in combination with the colorful geometric print of the comforter. The red pedant strikes through the mint freshness and create nice high contrast effect and surely acts as a focal point in this super breezy bedroom.

Modern Pastel Gray Bedroom Ideas

We love the cool and effortlessly chic setting in this contemporary bedroom and its super soft pastel gray shade that creates the sensual dynamic of this interior and totally lift up the place with the proper buzz. The pastel gray stands outstandingly gorgeous along with the contemporary artwork and cool rustic bed.

Modern Pastel Gray Bedroom Decor Ideas

Pastel Creamy Bedroom Ideas

This simple and serene bedroom has a really beautiful and charming appearance due to the pastel creamy shade that is clearly dominant in this bright and beautiful bedroom.

Pastel Creamy Bedroom Color Scheme Ideas

Pastel Pink Bedroom Ideas

How contemporary and chic is this pastel bedroom, right? – We love how the pastel pink works as a great foundation and creates feminine and lively ambiance, while the black motifs smartly break through the sweetness and provide the bedroom interior with bold, modern statement.


Sophisticated Pastel Pink Bedroom Ideas

Pendant lights and accents in black for the pastel pink bedroom

Pastel pinks are a hit in the girls’ room irrespective of the season and current trends. But this summer they would make a great addition in the adult bedroom as well. You need not worry about pink pastels being a bit too feminine as balancing them with white, gray and other muted hues gives the bedroom a modern shabby chic vibe that is largely gender neutral. If you are worried about too much pink in the room, then start small with bedding, accent pillows or vases in pastel pink. Once you are comfortable with the hue, think about larger additions like a plush rug or accent wall covered in pastel pink power!

Pastel Pink Bedroom Design Ideas

Ombre effect coupled with shades of coral and pink in the small bedroom

Quirky Pastel Bedroom Ideas

The quirk of this pastel blue feminine bedroom is simply outstanding and really hard not to notice. The pastel shades are ingeniously incorporated with the rich in texture furniture pieces in this avant garde and bold bedroom.

Quirky Pastel Bedroom Color Design Ideas

Retro Pastel Bedroom Ideas

Well, we have to admit that we choose this amazing bedroom as our personal favorite among this list. The combination of pastel blue and yellow along with the pastel mint colored bed has created the super sweet and soft ambiance in this beautiful bedroom.

Retro Pastel Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Soft Pastel Bedroom Ideas

This super breezy and vibrant bedroom looks totally awesome and soft due to the combination of the pastel shades incorporated with a lot of prints and patterns. The roof beams on the ceiling add a nice accent in the bedroom and sublime the overall appearance of a bright and breezy pastel bedroom.

Soft Pastel Bedroom Color Decorating Ideas

Sophisticated Pastel Pink Bedroom Ideas

This is extremely soft and dreamy pastel bedroom with super elegant and splendid setting. The pastel pink is superbly incorporated with the canopy bed with transparent curtain and the mirror bedside table.

Sophisticated Pastel Pink Bedroom Ideas

Stunning Pastel Bedroom Ideas

We totally love the overall appearance of this super soft and serene pastel bedroom, it is utterly perfect. The pastel creamy shade in combination with the natural wood adds cozy and warm vibe in the place and sublime the overall appearance of a super breezy and modern pastel bedroom.

Stunning Pastel Bedroom Ideas

Mild Green Pastel Bedroom Ideas

Green in pastel hues is much rare than blue and pink and the many shades often used tend to venture into the bluish-green color range. Yet, delicate pastel greens remind us of nature at its elegant best and surely offer the bedroom an appeal unlike any other color. Since one normally would not come across pastel green hues, it makes the bedroom all the more special. From beige and blue to pink and purple, you can mix and match pretty much any color with pastel green tones.

Stevanus Kevin Hello :) I wanted to share with you all some of my favorite spaces in our home. Always a work in progress and I love how its coming along.

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