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20 Mirrored Coffee Tables Style Design Ideas

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Mirrored Coffee Table For Small Spaces

If you are a child of the 90s, the idea of mirrored coffee tables would most likely feel both odd and garish. In an era where beige was the color of choice and simple, straight lines along with rigid geometric shapes defined a modern style that quickly became generic, there was really no room for something so sparkly and brilliant. But as with everything else, the circle of fashion and design has once again revived styles such as vintage, retro, Art Deco and even Hollywood Regency. And with this revival, mirrored décor once again found space in homes across the globe.

Striking Mirrored Coffee Table Becomes The Focal Point Of The Living Area

Mirrored coffee tables add much more than glamour to your living room and bring functional value in small living rooms. Reflecting light all around, mirrored coffee tables enliven the room that they adorn and give it a more airy and cheerful appeal, creating a sense of visual spaciousness. Coming in a wide range of styles, shapes and sizes, we take a look today at 30 fabulous mirrored coffee tables.

Gorgeous Mirrored Coffee Table With A Dash Of Golden Glint

Glittering Glam Unleashed!

It is easy to fall in love with that gorgeous mirrored coffee table on display in the store, but bringing it home and making it a part of your living room, sunroom or even family room is a completely different affair. One of the styles with which this fashionable piece of furniture works best is Hollywood Regency coupled with a hint of modern flair. You need not go Hollywood chic all the way and can easily combine a snazzy black and white striped rug and mirrored coffee table with more sober decorative pieces to create a fusion of the extravagant and the ordinary.

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Elegant Coffee Table Combines Mirrored Finish With Storage Options

If you are adding a mirrored coffee table to your living room then it is a good idea to use glossy, mirrored surfaces or even shiny silvery tones in other parts of the room as well. Repetition gives the room a more curated look and this approach work beautifully in posh, contemporary living spaces where just a mirrored coffee table and a small mirror above the fireplace with mirrored frame can make a huge difference to the overall ambiance.

Mirrored Coffee Table The Modern Living Room

Striking Mirrored Coffee Table Becomes The Focal Point Of The Living Area

Beyond the Mundane

A polished, mirrored finish need not be the only unique feature of your coffee table, and you can take the style quotient of the living room to a whole new level with an addition that also ushers in geometric contrast. Coffee tables in geometric shapes that go beyond the simple rectangle and square always draw plenty of attention, and these multifaced delights also reflect the ambient light in an even more spectacular fashion. If the mirrored coffee table is not your thing, you can also consider silvery, modern alternatives that bring in the same sheen without actually using a mirrored finish.

Mirrored Coffee Table That Works Well With Mirrored Furniture

Mirrored Coffee Table At The Heart Of The Small Living Area

Working with Varied Styles

One of the first things you need to consider as you think about bringing home a mirrored coffee table is the traffic in the living room and your lifestyle. Homes filled with little ones might not always be conducive to a mirrored coffee table. Apart from the obvious fragility issues, there is also the problem of keeping the sparkly coffee table shining and dust-free day in and day out. Fingerprints are also an issue with mirrored furniture, so this is definitely not for someone who detests cleaning and constant care. Those willing to take on the extra responsibility gleefully should then consider the style of the living room.

Midcentury Living Room With Mirrored Coffee Table

Contemporary Living Room With Mirrored Coffee Table

Open Living Spaces

Contemporary living spaces with a mirrored coffee table definitely stand out from the crowd. With open plan living becoming the way forward for most, this glamorous coffee table can define and even anchor the smart living area and give it a subtle Art Deco twist without moving away from the largely modern vibe. Small living spaces benefit even further from the mirrored beauty, as it enlarges the area visually and gives it a cheerful appeal. Give it a shot, and you are sure to fall in love with it!

Dramatic Mirrored Coffee Table Is Truly A Showstopper

Stylish Contemporary Living Room With Midcentury Modern Furniture

Posh Living Room Of London Penthouse With Cozy Fireplace And Mirrored Decor

Stevanus Kevin Hello :) I wanted to share with you all some of my favorite spaces in our home. Always a work in progress and I love how its coming along.

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