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How to Build a Fire Pit, Easy DIY Inexpensive Firepit for Backyard

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Rustic Fire Pit DIY Idea

How to Build a Fire Pit – Turn your backyard into a cozy camp spot by making your own fire pit. This outdoor DIY project is easy to complete, and you’ll be making s’mores and cuddling up by the fire in no time. To beat the post-festive season blues and to give you a great focal point that lets you enjoy the outdoors even during the long and cold winter, we have the DIY fire pit idea. And it is an idea that is much easier to bring to life than you might imagine!

Making your own fire pit might sound like a major DIY project that will take weeks, if not months, to complete. Sure, this is not as simple as space-themed home décor or smart bedroom storage ideas, but it definitely does not eat away a chunk of your time. The gorgeous and relatively easy DIY fire pits that we are sharing with you today offer all the magic and allure of that amazing outdoor fireplace with barely any of the work or costs attached. Yup, it is the best of both worlds coming together. Join in on some sizzling fun.

Rustic Fire Pit DIY Idea

Small and Portable DIY Fire Pits

A small fire pit is the perfect way to create a beautiful, warm and inviting focal point in the yard without going over the top. It provides a lovely gathering spot as darkness starts to take over and you might even feel a touch nostalgic as you gather around the fire pit and share both drinks and stories, stretching into early hours of dawn. The small and portable DIY fire pit is something that every urban homeowner will love and its slim form and contemporary appeal turn even a tiny balcony into an outdoor escape!

Square Metal DIY Fire Pit Idea

DIY Portable Fire Pit Idea

Maybe you live in an apartment with pretty strict laws when it comes to fire. Maybe you simply cannot afford to build even a tiny fire pit in your rented home. It is here that a creative solution like the Flameless fire pit comes in super handy. It is uber-easy to craft and all you need are a few rocks, some string lights, dried branches and a cozy nook in the living room! Another urbane solution is the upcycled DIY fire pit crafted using an old washing machine drum. This one barely costs $10 and will take no more than a couple of hours to make.

Upcycled Washing Machine Drum Fire Pit DIY

DIY Flameless Fire Pit is An Absolute Delight

Fire Pits For the Modern Backyard

The modern backyard demands a fire pit that is minimal in its form, does not take too much effort to build and offers you plenty of sitting room around it. With gravel and concrete landscaping stones, you can create a wonderful fire pit that would become the star of many of your evening parties over time. Moving away from the usual circular design, the square metal fire pit that we discovered on The Brick House is for those who want their fire pit to stand out from the crowd.

Cozy Backyard Firepit DIY

DIY Firepit Using Cinder Blocks and Sand

A Classic Fire Pit DIY

The classic fire pit with bricks, concrete pavers or cinder blocks takes just a few hours on a weekend to create. Most of these fire pits are not too draining on your pocket and even the most beautiful fir pit should not cost you anything more than $50 to $75. If you are lucky enough to find natural mountain rock in the neighborhood for free, then your costs would come down even more significantly. It is all about picking a design that meets your style and ergonomic needs the best.

Classic DIY Fire Pit

Unique Stone and Mortar DIY Firepit

Make Your Own Fire Pit in 7 Easy Steps

When purchasing bricks for the fire pit wall, go for something sturdy like retaining wall bricks or concrete pavers. Some home improvement stores even carry bricks specifically designed for fire pits. Use a layer of firebricks, which have a higher heat resistance, on the inner layer of the fire pit as an extra safety measure.

Also, before you begin building, be sure to consult your local fire code to find out whether fire pits are allowed in your city, and, if so, how far away the fire pit has to be from a structure.

DIY Backyard Fire Pit Build It in Just Easy Steps 6

Now that you have all your supplies and you’ve checked your local fire code, you’re ready to build!

1. Create a circle – Pick out a spot in your yard for your fire pit (ensuring that it is located a safe distance from any structures, bushes, or trees), and insert a stake in the ground where the center of the pit will be.

Tie one end of the string or twine to the stake and measure how wide you want your circle to be. Typically, a fire pit has a diameter of about 4 to 5 feet. Cut the string, and tie the other end to the handle of a trowel. With the string or twine taut, drag the sharp end of the trowel around in a circle, creating a line in the grass.

DIY Backyard Fire Pit Build It in Just Easy Steps 1

2. Shovel out the grass – Using a large shovel, dig out the grass inside the circle. For safety purposes, the hole for a fire pit should be about 6 to 12 inches deep. Be sure to call 811 before you start digging to ensure there are no utility lines buried under the spot you’ve chosen.

3. Tamp down the dirt – If you don’t have a tamp, you can just use the bottom of your shovel.

4. Make sure the circle is level – Get down on the ground with your level to ensure that the surface is ready for the bricks to be laid. Keep making small adjustments until it’s completely level.

DIY Backyard Fire Pit Build It in Just Easy Steps 2

5. Add gravel – Put a pretty thick layer of gravel in the fire pit (at least a couple of inches). Spread the gravel around evenly.

6. Arrange the bricks – After you’ve spread the gravel around, arrange your bricks in a circle and stack them in layers until the fire pit wall is at least 12 inches tall. For extra safety, you have the option to put an inner layer of firebricks. Though you don’t need to use mortar if the bricks are heavy enough to make a sturdy stack, you can use an outdoor, fire-resistant mortar between the bricks for extra stability.

DIY Backyard Fire Pit Build It in Just Easy Steps 3

7. Relax and enjoy – Gather a couple of Adirondack chairs, some firewood, a few friends, and campfire treats to get full use out of your new fire pit.

DIY Backyard Fire Pit Build It in Just Easy Steps 5

DIY Backyard Fire Pit Build It in Just Easy Steps 4

DIY Backyard Fire Pit Build It in Just Easy Steps 7

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Stevanus Kevin Hello :) I wanted to share with you all some of my favorite spaces in our home. Always a work in progress and I love how its coming along.

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