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35 Bright Tropical Bedroom Design Ideas for Unforgettable Summer

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Tropical style bedroom with a hint of coastal charm

Bright Tropical Bedroom Design Ideas – With spring coming to its last few weeks and summer knocking on the door, now is the perfect time to redecorate for the second half of 2018! This is the time when colors of spring transition towards the sunnier shades of summer and few styles offer the best of both these worlds like tropical. Modern tropical style is all about relaxation, elegance, a touch of color, fun motifs (if necessary) and a dash of greenery. This is what makes the style so ideal for bedrooms. With a stylish, tropical style bedroom you have a relaxing personal haven that also feels a touch exotic and inspiring.

If you want to feel summer and heat all the time and not only during warm seasons, there’s a great idea make a tropical bedroom! Bright colors raise your spirits, help to wake up and energize you from the beginning of the day. The simplest way to create a jungle atmosphere is wallpaper with tropical leaves print or birds, and they shouldn’t be only green. The best furniture for such a room is modern of light colors or colonial of dark shades or even of bamboo. Green accessories like cushions, bedding and bedspreads will help you to finish the look. Bamboo walls, tropical-themed wall art, suitcase-shaped dressers are up to you, depending on your likes and impression you want to make.

Wallpaper with large leaf motifs is perfect for thr tropical bedroom

You can choose from a wide spectrum of designs ranging from serene and woodsy bedrooms inspired by tropical holiday retreats to bright and colorful settings that have a life of their. Both approaches have their pros and cons and the path you take depends on both your personal taste and the ambiance of the room one wishes to achieve. Here is a look at the best tropical bedrooms from across the world, which give you plenty of ideas when it comes to redecorating this summer / spring.

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Stunning Tropical Bedrooms Decorating Ideas

We start with a look at tropical bedrooms that take your breath away with sheer grandeur, elegance and an aura that is borrowed from world-class bedrooms in exotic tropical getaway. A good start here would be choosing a color palette that is rich, warm, inviting with wood playing the central role. A four-posted bed or even a canopy bed at the heart of the bedroom with a white canopy and sheets take this glamorous appeal to a whole new level. It is easy to fall in love with these seemingly timeless bedrooms and connecting them with the lush green garden outside only enhances their tropical zest.

You can create a cool tropical style bedroom even without using bright colors

Wood and white tropical style bedroom with a beautiful balcony

Turn to a large poster or wall mural to add that tropical touch

Green Tropical Bedroom Design with Leafy Motifs

It goes without saying that gorgeous pops of green look great in any tropical style setting. In the modern tropical bedroom, a trendy and delightful choice is the wallpaper with tropical leaf motifs that completely transforms an ordinary bedroom into one with smart tropical overtones. Keeping the rest of the room as neutral as possible helps in accentuating the pops of green or even the amazing green accent wall full of life and cheerful pomp! Framed botanicals are a hot trend that also fit into the tropical theme seamlessly while a smart wall mural with tropical-themed images also ushers the style in an otherwise contemporary bedroom.

Tropical style bedroom with a hint of coastal charm

Right decor and wallpaper for the tropical style bedroom

Pastel colored walls for the tropical style bedroom in white and green

Fun kids’ tropical style bedroom

So, you want to turn your modern bedroom into one with a hint of tropical style without going overboard? Small décor additions and accessories are the best way to accomplish this style change without committing to it fully. The best place to start is undoubtedly the bedding and choosing one with leafy motifs and tropical patterns helps in easily altering the vibe of the space. Bird-themed prints, vases and accessories shaped like tropical fruits and throw pillows and wallpaper with bright flowers and plenty of green leaves on them make an instant difference in the bedroom with a neutral backdrop.

Tropical holiday inspired bedroom with luxurious canopy bed

Textured throw pillows for the tropical style bedroom

Space-savvy tropical bedroom in white, wood and orange

Tropical Bedroom Design for Kids’ and Teens

Yes, it is not very hard to turn a modern bedroom into one with tropical flair, but this task become much easier in the kids’ bedroom. Here you need not hold back on color and pattern and with jungle-based themes; you can have plenty of fun while playing around with a wide range of motifs. Add a touch of coastal charm or embrace beach style prints to combine the two varying themes, giving the kids’ bedroom a unique and refreshing appeal.

Kids’ bedroom with over the top tropical theme!

Modern tropical style bedroom of New York home with a gorgeous wall mural in the backdrop

Grasscloth wallcovering for the tropical style bedroom with modern touches

Thetropical decorating style is more than palm trees and banana plants; it’s a range of design that reflects the easy-going island lifestyle of warm hospitality, comfort, and ease. This versatile decorating theme encompasses a wide range of looks, including nautical or coastal style, surfer chic, Bali exotic, swanky Palm Beach or traditional British Colonial.

A cheerful palette is key to the tropical vibe: green, blue, salmon and yellow are particularly common. Weathered furniture, especially wicker or rattan pieces, are also an essential part of the look. Accents typically include floral prints, ceiling fans, gauzy curtains and lightweight fabrics. If you would like to create a tropical-themed bedroom, read on for some great tips and photos on how to incorporate this style in your design.

Exquisite and spacious bedroom with relaxing tropical style

Embrace the tropical boho style in the bedroom with contemporary decor

Custom four poster bed in the tropical style bedroom

If you love the tropical vibe, but also like a traditional look, you’ll find your perfect solution in the British Colonial style. This classic decorating theme comes from the days of the British Empire, and combines traditionally styled furniture with the exotic materials and motifs of the many tropical countries colonized by Britain in centuries gone by. The gorgeous bedroom shown here, designed by JMA Interior Decoration, shows off typical British Colonial touches with the palm tree patterns on the curtains and throw pillows, yet sticks with a somewhat muted palette of green and yellow. This is a great example of an elegant room that uses just a few tropical accents to add interest.

Bring in tropical style with ease using throw pillows and bedding with floral motifs

Botanical prints and bedding in grean, leafy pattern for the relaxing tropical bedroom

Blue and white tropical style bedroom with palm beach pattern bedding

A tropical theme hits the beach in this surfer-inspired boy’s bedroom from Buckingham Interiors. Notice that it doesn’t take much to make the theme: the boldly striped bedding, the lime green bed, the interesting, almost driftwood-looking light fixture, and of course, the awesome mural of the surfer taking up the entire wall at the head of the bed. Truly a bedroom just about any boy would love.

Bird-themed pillows for the bright tropical bedroom

Beach and tropical styles rolled into one inside the kids’ room

Whichever form of tropical style most appeals to you, combining natural elements like bamboo, jute, wicker and linen—along with bright color, lightweight fabrics, floral patterns and an overall casual, airy vibe are key components in this easy, breezy decorating style. Of course, you can be creative in your design by mixing themes and styles together for a more unique concept. In the end, have fun with your creation and decorate a room you’ll love to retreat to every night.

Atrium next to the tropical bedroom adds to its serene ambiance

Amazing Polished tropical bedroom

Bright, cheery colors are key to tropical-style bedrooms, such as this radiant contemporary bedroom designed by JMA Interior Decoration. This vibrant space proves that a tropical influence doesn’t have to be kitschy or corny in the least – in fact, it can be quite contemporary. The furniture here is rather traditional, but the bright yellow walls, bamboo ceiling fan, and hot-hued florals on the curtains, artwork and throw pillows is all about the islands. The mixture of traditional design and fun accents, colors, and patterns creates a bedroom that feels fresh, not tacky.

Stevanus Kevin Hello :) I wanted to share with you all some of my favorite spaces in our home. Always a work in progress and I love how its coming along.

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