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Benefits of Choosing Unfinished Kitchen Cabinets to Remodel a Kitchen Cheaply

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Awesome Unfinished Kitchen Cabinet Doors

Unfinished Kitchen Cabinets – The benefits of choosing unfinished kitchen cabinets are numerous if you have decided to remodel or install new cabinets in your kitchen. One advantage is you can pretty much customize the look of a kitchen cabinet installation to your design ideas or to complement your current kitchen decor. If you have a tight budget but, desire the best, unfinished cabinets offer you the ability to acquire quality cabinet construction and materials at a good cost savings.

Unfinished kitchen cabinet retailers and wholesalers sell kitchen cabinets, in various wood species, that are not stained or varnished and in most instances not sealed. What this does is offer you kitchen cabinet design flexibility. These types of cabinets allow you to choose the style, color and shade of stain, finish or glaze of your choice. For instance, if you want to go light, then your unfinished kitchen cabinet may be finished with a clear lacquer or light maple stain. If you like a darker look, then you could use a walnut stain or even a dark paint to finish your cabinets.

Awesome Kitchen with Unfinished Kitchen Cabinet Doors

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The different woods have distinct properties you want to consider while choosing a unfinished kitchen cabinet. When it comes to absorbing stain not all woods are equal. It is the woods’ original color and hardness that will determine it’s final color after staining and since it is more difficult to lighten wood than it is to darken it you will want to choose wisely. A good practice is to apply different stains to samples of unfinished wood you are looking at to get a better idea of the end result and for comparison.

Dark wood shades include mahogany and hickory while light colors are your oak, pine, ash, elm and beech. There is a middle ground that includes woods like rosewood, cherry and teak.

Besides the aesthetics the main benefit of looking into buying from an unfinished cabinet seller is that you can save money. Because the cabinets are unfinished they are less expensive to buy. Now, should you decide to install them yourself, then you are looking at a tremendous savings over kitchen cabinets that are fully finished, stained, and sealed. If you should choose this option you can even find unfinished cabinets ready-to-assemble (RTA) for an easy install. Saving money can be big key to a good redesign on your kitchen as well

To save even more, if you decide to stain, paint or glaze unfinished kitchen cabinets, you can choose less expensive types of wood. An example is you can get the expensive look of mahogany or cherry cabinets by staining a less expensive and lighter shade wood like oak or beech. However, the quality of construction and hardware used should not be compromised.

Unfinished, unstained, unvarnished kitchen cabinets are easy to find, you can find retailers locally and online. They are a choice that offer the flexibility of design, color and style to fit into your kitchen design and allow you to attain the look you really want, at a price you can really afford. Unfinished cabinets will allow you to transform your kitchen with a fresh all new look. This is what makes unfinished kitchen cabinets a practical choice to consider for your kitchen.

Stevanus Kevin Hello :) I wanted to share with you all some of my favorite spaces in our home. Always a work in progress and I love how its coming along.

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